OUTJOY Anti Theft Travel Backpack Waterproof Laptop

This lockable backpack ensures that your valuables will not be stolen; the combination code keeps items secure with a password set up by the owner. The zipper pulls are solid metal and secure.


USD $44.50


OUTJOY Anti Theft Travel Backpack Waterproof Laptop


  • Zipper closure
  • SECURE LOCK DESIGN & TSA FRIENDLY: OUTJOY anti-theft travel backpack is equipped with a smart secure lock to detour theft and to safeguard valuables securely. ★180°LAY-FLAT design enables you to pass through checkpoint security without removing electronics. ※The password lock is easily set (with instructions included). If you forget the password or have any product quality issues, contact OUTJOY for assistance.※
  • USB PORT DESIGN : This waterproof backpack for travel includes an external USB interface with built-in charging cable. The charging cable connects to your own power bank (not included) while the other end connects your digital device for a quick charge anytime, anywhere. Experience totally hands-free phone calls while charging and walking.
  • ERGONOMIC BACK CONSTRUCTION: The back panel and shoulder straps are crafted from comfortable and breathable pads with excellent ventilating construction. Our college backpack combines comfort and breathability.
  • LUGGAGE STRAP DESIGN : Our water resistant backpack offers a durable luggage strap on the rear to connect the bag to luggage, making your trip easy and effortless; ★SAY NO TO THE BAGGY BACKPACK: Our computer bag keeps its own shape as it is filled in and covered with durable PVC shell, while the outer layer is covered with WATERPROOF fabric to safeguard your belongings and to avoid items getting wet.